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Admin & Transport


Administration Division


The duties of this division include the administration of the Ministry, all activities related to transport and supply of computer facilities with related functions. This division handles administrative functions of Department of Agriculture and other organizations under the purview of Ministry of Agriculture. Following are detailed activities of the administration division.


  • Relevant action on drivers overtime payments, travelling expenses arrangement and training of drivers.
  • Answering audit quarries in related to transport.
  • Handling the activities of fertilizer companies and activities of other organizations within the control of the ministry.
  • Administrative work of officers attached to Sri Lanka Agriculture Service.
  • Various affairs related to activities of Agriculture Instructors.
  • Handling of personal files and vehicle supplies of District Agriculture Directors and Assistant District Agriculture Directors.
  • Activities related to Dissolved Marketing Development Organization.
  • Carry out orders from Presidents Secretarial Office.
  • Conduct various programmes within the Ministry.


Maintenance & Transport Division



Performance of maintenance & transport activities in a responsible & rationalize manner.




  • To identify maintenance activities required for maintaining Ministry building, obtain estimates and forward same to the procurement division to get the work done.
  • Maintenance of Equipment & Machinery.
  • Home Gardening and land use activities of the Ministry premises.
  • Vehicle repair of the Ministry.
  • Obtaining insurance and revenue license for vehicles.
  • Disposal of uneconomical vehicles of the Ministry.
  • Submitting applications and related activities in respect of foreign training/scholarship.
  • Activities relating  to Parliamentary Questions, Public Petitions Committee, Consultative Committee and Ombudsman.
  • Activities relating to security service & clearing service.

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